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In April 2007, Ontario's Minister of Energy Dwight Duncan announced the provincial government's intention to ban the sale of incandescent light bulbs by 2012.

Later in April, the federal government announced that it would ban the sale of inefficient incandescent light bulbs nation-wide by 2012 as part of a plan to cut down on emissions of greenhouse gases. This plan is expected to save the average homeowner $50 a year on the electricity bill.

To confirm to Canada’s national Energy Efficiency Regulations, Springdale Electric is participating in Ontario’s saveONenergy Retrofit Program, which provides incentives to home-owners and companies making the shift to energy-efficient lighting.

The following measures are eligible for the incentives of the Retrofit Program:

  • Led Measures
  • Flourescent Measures
  • High Intensity Discharge (HID) Measures
  • Infrared Coated Halogen Measures
  • Lighting Controls Measures

To comply to the government’s guidelines, we guarantee that all technologies we offer meet applicable Code, standard and regulatory requirements including, but not limited to, CSA/cUL. Springdale Electric will ensure that the technology is suitable (properly sized, etc.) to its intended application and will confirm that light levels of the energy efficient design meet the minimum regulatory requirements and the suggested levels for the proposed use of the space. All of the products we sell and install are legal for sale in Canada.

Note: New construction or major renovation projects which are eligible under the saveONenergy High Performance New Construction Program are not eligible under the saveONenergy RETROFIT Program. We provide professional Energy Auditing services. Call us for details.


LED retrofit lamps are a direct replacement for conventional incandescent, halogen, and compact flourescent (CFL) lamps. LEDs deliver higher lumens per watt (lm/W), which means significant energy savings while lasting more than ten times longer than incandescent sources. With their directional light, instant on and ability to dim, LEDs are fast becoming the light source of choice.

Whether you have a open-air parking garage or an over or under lit interior or exterior space, we have a LED lighting solution for you. Call us at 905-791-0070

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